• Against The Tide

    Eleni Lykofridi, Greece.

    I started my career on 2013 as cadet and since then I have been in Suezmax and VLCC tankers. Several years have passed and for sure I can say that things are improving. Things and…

    August 28, 2020
  • Against The Tide

    Angela Bueno, USA .

    I enjoy the different tasks and challenges that come with this profession. I have a good group of co-workers that I enjoy working alongside. The weather is always different, the equipment malfunctions, the cities…

    August 25, 2020
  • Against The Tide

    Nyari Nain, India.

    I have been in this profession for seven years and of the biggest challenges I have faced is gender biasness and prejudice, but o overcame this by working on my work and sharpening my…

    August 21, 2020
  • Against The Tide

    Aikaterini Karakatsioni, Greece.

    One of the things I love about my job is that I get to see the beautiful sea every morning, in my career which spans 6 years I have unfortunately faced discrimination due to…

    August 17, 2020
  • Against The Tide

    Thembela Taboshe, South Africa.

    Being the free-spirit that I am, I struggle with the hierarchical tradition in maritime. I’ve never been one to separate myself from other people based on my stance in life or rank my importance…

    August 14, 2020
  • Against The Tide

    Paige Mentuck, USA .

    What I enjoy the most about my job is the opportunity to travel and see places I normally would have never gone to. I also enjoy only working for six months out of the…

    August 11, 2020