Against The Tide

Yuliyana Peneva, Bulgaria

July 21, 2021

When I was working 3 years on River Cruises I had a lot of work related to the guests on board and we did everything possible to make them happy with the time they spent on our ship and hopefully make them come back again. Many of them come every year, because they really appreciate our services and the high standards that we provide. As a stewardess I’m responsible for every part of the vessel to be clean – reception, guests area, lounge, cabins, laundry, crew deck and many others. As for the job in Offshore ships it’s a little bit different – we work with clients not with guests and besides the cabins, we work in the kitchen. I am currently working on an offshore ship for the first time and it is also my first time as a deck cadet. When I finish my work as a stewardess, I continue on the bridge doing my internship. . 

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about what I love about my job is that I really enjoy sailing and being in the sea, river, ocean. It makes me feel free, productive and safe. 

So far maybe the biggest challenge was in Portugal. We had a two week deviation in Porto, it was really exhausting. That’s when I realized physically and mentally how strong I can be and how much I can take. 

I would certainly advocate for more females around the world to get more and more involved in this career and show them how and why this is an amazing opportunity,  that was not only meant for men, but also for women who like to think and do things outside the box. 
Your life can be so much more interesting and fulfilling on board then it will ever be on shore. Never forget that you are changing the world every day that you spend at sea. 

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