Against The Tide

Wendy Mejia, Mexico

August 9, 2021

My current responsibilities consist of learning about the deck and bridge to take my professional exam in the Merchant Nautical when I finish my year of internship.

I absolutely enjoy everything, I have a great passion for my profession and work in the sea. My boat is my house and my life, I love what I do every day, and enjoy the nature of this world.It was not easy to finish a degree in a semi military school and it was not easy to find a job but I never lost faith or hope and I finally got an internship where I am currently working.

Luckily, at the moment, I have not had any challenges because of my gender but I am aware that as much as I cannot pinpoint any challenges I have faced due to my gender I know they are there.

One thing I’d like to advocate for female seafarers is more job opportunities around the world, that being from another country we would have the same opportunities, since our career is international.

My advice to other seafarers is that everything is possible when you really want it, that it is a career with a lot of attitude and perseverance but it is totally worth it.

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