Against The Tide

Thuong Hua, Viet Nam

March 2, 2022

Currently as an engine cadet, I learn how the machines work and working principles. I also observe how officers respond when machines have troubles and operate equipment in E/R under the direction of an officer. Sometimes, I gain knowledge and experience by joining overhaul or repair processes such as overhaul pumps, dismantle purifiers or something like that.

My company is the first company in Vietnam to accept female seafarer work on ships. Therefore, all the crew were very surprised with this change. All the crew tried very hard to adapt to the new environment where there are women on the vessel and they always tried to protect, support and assign duties that are most suitable for me. That makes me feel like we are part of a family so I really enjoy and appreciate their support and my company as I am starting out in this profession.

One change I would like to advocate for in the industry is better inclusion for women starting with the changing room. There should be a changing room for women at the very least.

My advice from me to another women starting out in the seafaring industry is: know when you work on board, whoever you are, whatever you do, you will get physical as well as sexual judgments. Let’s ignore those judgments and focus on moving forward, do not doubt your own abilities. Sometimes, you will feel pressured by those judgments but no pressure, no diamond! 

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