Against The Tide

Sille Fjermedal Sørensen, Denmark

November 5, 2021

Currently as a Deck Cadet, I don’t have responsibilities or any specific tasks, I am there to learn with focus on the 3rd officer’s duties such as maintenance of LSA and FFE. Most of the time is spent at the bridge or in the cargo control room to learn as much as possible and familiarize with my future job. So that I am prepared to take on the duties of a 3rd officer when I complete my maritime college

The versatility in the day to day tasks is what I enjoy the most about my job. Not one Day is the same. I also enjoy working with people from all around the world, it is very exciting and I learn a lot from them on both a professional level as well as a social level.

It can be challenging to be away from home for a long time, but I have been lucky to sail with some great people so I didn’t feel too alone. They became my home away from home.

Luckily, I have not faced any gender based challenges, I feel like I have been treated equally and that makes me very happy both for me, but especially for the future of women in this line of career. I am grateful that the maritime industry is starting to be more accepting and accommodating to women in this line of work.

One thing I’d advocate for more awareness of the possibilities for a career at sea for women. I’d like more women to know that they can enter this industry that was previously male dominated and thrive.

My advice to all female seafarers is to go for it and be yourself always.

Sille Fjermedal Sørensen, Deck Cadet – Denmark

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