Against The Tide

Rossy Tussen, Venezuela

April 27, 2020

I am the first female captain of oil tankers in Venezuela with 15 years of experience aboard oil tankers. My life on board undoubtedly produced personal sacrifices, not for the work done, but for the time that I remain separated from my loved ones, but  I would not trade it because in my career journey I have gotten to enjoy beautiful sunsets, experienced new cultures, met many wonderful people and experienced unforgettable professional experiences.

My career started in 2001 when I joined the UMC (National Experimental Maritime University of the Caribbean), approving all the required semesters to carry out the professional internships and I completed them in the period 2005-2006 with the company Global Ship management, I continued to work with that company on board his ships tankers (crude) and obtained his title of Second Officer in Navigation in 2010, leaving the company in 2011. In my professional career, I have been onboard gas tankers, asphalt pavers, gasoline and crude oil.  I have also been a facilitator in the chair of navigation Il in the School of Superior Studies of the Merchant Navy.  Currently, I am about to complete the specialization in maritime inspections and present the special work of degree in the specialization of maritime transport.  I have received awards from the Venezuelan Maritime Authority, such as navigation sea badge in its fifth class and the nautical tape in its sixth class. I am also a proud member of WISTA Venezuala.

 I consider myself a cheerful, tenacious, committed and fully identified with life at sea and I will always support those women who lead the same way, the women of the sea.

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