Against The Tide

Romeeta Bundela, India

August 9, 2021

My key responsibilities onboard is to maintain reefer containers, also all electronic and electrical equipment to maintain which includes control and automation systems as well. Apart from that, I am responsible for all deck machineries maintenance as well as engine room room electrical machineries.

What I love most about my job is that I am responsible for my final decision on any troubleshooting related to my job responsibilities onboard and that makes me an independent decision maker.

As a female seafarer, there are many challenges and as an ETO there are even more but the biggest challenge till date I am facing is acceptance by other crew members onboard. People still doubt how I manage whilst being a girl, as my job profile being on a container vessel demands a lot of physical exertion and is also mentally challenging. Sometimes I have to handle 1000 plus reefer onboard all alone along with other jobs. But at the end of my contract I always prove my abilities to everyone onboard that I am capable of what my rank onboard demands, and that’s why now I am sailing as senior ETO onboard a Maersk vessel. The company has always supported me and I am so happy about it.

One thing I’d advocate for more female seafarers would be more opportunities for female seafarers, as an ETO still many companies won’t hire females.

My advice to other female seafarers would be to never ever stop because of someone’s opinion on you in this field. Be strong both mentally as well as physically and know your job well. Nothing will stop you ever after this.

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