Against The Tide

Rhadhia Hamza Sosovele, Tanzania.

September 3, 2020

I love that my Job it provides a chance to meet and work with new people from all over the world which helps me learn can learn from different people. Over time in my career I have faced challenges when I first went on board, some male seafarers never believed in me especially when it came to doing tasks onboard, they sometimes neglected me saying the work can be done by only males for example while doing aloft work, but I kept insisting that everyone is entitled to do and learn what is right so to keep peace with everyone I accepted to be taught what they know so that at the end we can share the tasks given out to us and this worked way easier, this is how i overcame the situation.

Female seafarers continue to face discrimination in the industry; some ships don’t consider female accommodation facilities this is really a challenge for the females on board. Women seafarers wear safety gears that are masculine and do not fit well like safety boots sometimes we are forced to cope up with the situation of working with them because we love what we do. But if we can find safety gears that suit the feminine gender this won’t be a challenge anymore.

I would encourage female seafarers to create social groups which would be useful in empowering the female gender who wish to join the maritime sector and those who are already in the field to keep missions and visions they create live despite any challenges.

Dear women who are starting out in the seafaring industry, I would like to urge you never to give up reasons being nothing can be perfect at the end if the foundation is not good, stick to the obstacles which give you burdens to be where you want to reach and be consistent, nothing is ever easy in life never forget that. Believe in yourself.

Radhia is currently a Cadet Officer.

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