Against The Tide

Paige Mentuck, USA .

August 11, 2020

What I enjoy the most about my job is the opportunity to travel and see places I normally would have never gone to. I also enjoy only working for six months out of the year, because the time off I have I can spend traveling as well. Not many people get six months of vacation, and I definitely appreciate it.

I have not faced any real challenges due to being a woman in a male dominated field. Of course some people will have preconceived ideas on the type of worker you are, or how knowledgeable you are, based on your gender. But for me I have found if I work as hard as the men do, I earn the same respect the men do. You just have to prove yourself, be confident, and stay professional.

I have sailed on seven different ships so far during my entire sea-going career and I have never felt that gender equality was an issue at sea. I am making the same money as any other third mate, and I am given the same expectations as any other third mate. I have not felt discriminated against due to my gender, and most sailors are happy to see more and more women joining this career path. I truly enjoy my job and my crew is great, even if I am the only woman onboard.

Paige is currently a Third mate

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