Against The Tide

Oluwadamilola Adebamipe, Nigeria

July 12, 2021

Working onboard as a 3rd Engineer includes watchkeeping of the engine room, changing filters, maintaining and repairing oily water separator, maintaining the main generator and general engine room routine. 

I Iove the fact that I’m being faced with different challenges each day, engines are unpredictable and sometimes can leave you thinking what could have gone wrong. This alone keeps my brain active. The joy I get from my engines everyday is undescribable. I love my profession to the point of making my children fall in love with it and all they want to become is mariners because of the joy they see in mama’s face each time she is back from work and the engine is running fine. 

My major challenge in this profession is the fact that no one wants to believe you can do it. Everyone believes it’s not a female thing. Balancing work and marriage too is another challenge that I struggle with, but one thing keeps me going. “PASSION” and understanding from my better half who supports my dreams in every step I take. 

I was rejected from different companies saying you are too tiny for the task. I was being laughed at on my duty when repairing or doing maintenance. I put all these aside, and I was only looking for a better way to improve and showcase what I have in me and not what they see me as. 

The world shouldn’t see the maritime as a male industry. They should encourage anyone that is trying hard to do what they want. I stand against stereotypes. It’s not an easy task to sit for the competency exam, and if she can do well by passing the same route as the men and coming out successful,she should be applauded and given her job accordingly. Stop looking at the strength, marine is not about carrying the big piston or pulling the crankshaft, we have tools to do the job. It’s mainly about strong minds, and if we can be strong enough to hold a whole human in us for good 9months, then our mind is strong enough to do anything we set it at. 

Look out for the passion, if you love it, go for it. You can achieve anything in life when you are positive and hardworking. Don’t be intimidated!

Oluwadamilola Adebamipe, Nigeria – 3rd Engineer

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