Against The Tide

Nyari Nain, India.

August 21, 2020

I have been in this profession for seven years and of the biggest challenges I have faced is gender biasness and prejudice, but o overcame this by working on my work and sharpening my skills.

Nyari is  a published author and has written a book ‘Anchor My Heart’ , the book revolves around a strong protagonist, a lady marine engineer. It reflects largely about the life of seafarers and the hardships women have to undergo in the male-dominated industry

The book was inspired by an experience with a chief engineer on one of the previous ships I worked on who hated my guts and there was no better therapy than writing it out. The book has been well received by female seafarers and I was awarded the young seafarer achievement award by DG shipping and the Government of India for the book.

Nyari is currently a Marine Engineer

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