Against The Tide

Nuru Azani, Kenya.

March 9, 2021

My job keeps me on my toes, I love solving problems and overcoming fear. Troubleshooting, daily maintenance and operation of machineries help me boost my confidence hence overcoming fear.

One of the biggest lessons for me while onboard has been trying to close the gap between school training and real operations onboard. I have been able to learn a lot on my own in such a short time this and maintaining a good working relationships with my male colleagues has helped me grow,

One thing I would like to advocate for is employment of more female cadets there has been a missing link between vocational training and actual employment. No matter how trained female cadets are, this human resource simply goes to waste when no shipping company or crewing agencies employ them. To those choosing this career path find a mentor (female), interact with her, ask her questions no matter how weird they sound, you’ll definitely benefit from her wisdom and experience. If finding one physically is tough, do it online. Follow her on her social media platforms and interact.

Nuru is currently an Engine Cadet.

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    Thank you once again Marami.

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