Against The Tide

Nildeniz Sutcu , Turkey

February 17, 2020
I am from Turkey and I started maritime college in 2000 and sailing in the same year as a cadet. I worked at tankers till 2011 in various ranks and finally, worked as Captain for one year. In 2013 I started training at Izmit bay area as a maritime pilot after 6 months I commenced working as a pilot. In izmit bay there is various type of  berth and all operation held by private company called Ankas i am still working here
I was the first female pilot in Turkey at that time when I was working at Sea they are not used to it. Some people think they have the right to give you an opportunity to work. I always had a problem when I was asking for a promotion. for that reason, I changed my companies when I need promotion. When they behaved like this you feel devasted because you are working as hard as everybody does.
For gender equality, they can give advice, some best practices like to have more women in all fields. They should show how pleasant to work  more gender equivalent environment is more useful, peaceful and balanced for everybody

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