Against The Tide

Ndifreke Nkanga,Nigeria.

March 31, 2021

My favorite thing about my job is trouble shooting to solve problem with machinery. In the span of my career I have experienced some challenges like less support in the aspect of proving or showing my potentials to the latter in the job because they feel as a lady you are feeble and can’t take command or make important decisions. Trust me these experiences are painful and the only way I was able to overcome is to encourage myself and not focus on the negative.

One of the biggest disadvantage of working at sea as a woman is a fact that if you want to start a family you will have to step out of your career to do so. This career does not favour women but I would like to encourage the women coming behind me and remind them that commitment, discipline and dedication is the key. Also never lose focus. Keep your eyes on the purpose.

Ndifreke is currently a second engineer.

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