Against The Tide

Merve Tutaş, Turkey

November 5, 2021

As an ocean watchkeeping engineer, I routinely do the 4th engineer’s job., I am responsible for Purifiers, Compressors, Incinerators and Bunkering Operations with CE. I enjoy my work as I get to see new places and to learn every day. The most important thing that made me love this profession is that where I live and where I work is in the same place.

At the beginning of my internship, I tried very hard to prove myself, as a woman, this effort was twice as much. As women on board, we are exposed to very different mobbing. Wearing loose-fitting clothes, tidying our hair, and paying attention to our behaviour. These things can be really tiring..

One thing I’d advocate for female seafarers is gender equality. I’d like to see more women having the same opportunities as men and to be treated equally when working on ships.

My advice to other female seafarers is to focus on what you would like to do in the future and never get distracted by people’s negative opinions. Keep fighting. If you really want to do this job, don’t mind the negative comments made by people around you just because you are a woman. We are very strong and we will do anything.

Merve Tutaş, Turkey

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