Against The Tide

Marychelle Galang, Philippines.

January 12, 2021

I enjoy repairing machines and troubleshooting this has made me gain more experience in my work environment. However, like any job I have faced challenges onboard, I receive a lot of criticism and a lot of people doubt my skills and strengths based on my gender. I have also faced sexual harassment onboard from my male colleagues, from my experience some men onboard still have a negative mindset regarding women on board and you cannot change. To avoid getting hurt, I keep to myself. My goal whenever I am onboard is to prove that we are all equal and those women can also perform and be efficient.

If I was to advocate for anything in the seafaring industry would be equal opportunities for women onboard and favourable conditions to encourage more women on ships like paid maternity leave and help desk or regulations for sexual harassment/abuse.

To the female seafarers coming behind me, this career is not easy. You will be away from your loved ones and most likely be unlucky in love due to the demands of your job but I encourage you to keep going. Work hard  and use the negative energy to build yourself to be more and always pray to God to guide you & make you stronger .

Marychelle is currently a 4th Engineer.

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