Against The Tide

Mary Jean Villaplaza, Philippines.

May 11, 2020

When I finished Maritime school, I tried to submit my application to more than 52 companies in the Philippines but I failed, this is because they are always looking for those with experience. As a fresh graduate, I obviously didn’t have any of the qualifications required but this did not stop me, I kept applying and believing in God that I would get an opportunity until I found a company that employed me. I am very grateful to my current company for giving me an opportunity and this is proof that to prove that if you believe in yourself and if you have a strong determination to follow your dreams you will make it.

As a third officer, my duties include the safely managing a navigational watch while underway and to focus and maintain all the safety equipment such as firefighting equipment, lifeboats and other emergency systems. I enjoy the teamwork aspect of my job and like seeing how the entire crew smile and stay positive even in our bad days, this is something that greatly appeals to me because I typically end up learning a lot about what I am capable of when working in sync with others. I have also been blessed to work under good captains who have treated me like a daughter and taught me great life skills.

The maritime field is not just for men but it is for all of us who want to follow their dreams and let gender never be a hindrance to our career because most of the time women are dedicated and we prove that we can also contribute to the development of the maritime industry. My advise to women joining this” Man’s World” you need to be more flexible, hard work and treat yourself as an equal to encourage others to see it that way. Always focus on your career be strong mentally, emotionally, physically and one of the most important thing TRUST AND SEEK GOD’S Guidance. He’ll be your one-way ticket to be successful. I know you can do it better than them.

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