Against The Tide

Mariana Valeriano,Mexico.

March 16, 2021

My job allows me to travel across the globe and experience different cultures I enjoy trying new coffees as I love coffee. My day to day responsibilities includes Supervising the onboard IT staff, Supporting all on-board systems, helpdesk support, system monitoring, satellite monitoring, hardware maintenance, inventory management, scheduling and inter-department trust relationship management. Working with vendors to support and resolve technical problems. Install and configure workstations, peripherals and software for over 300 end users.

Being a girl at sea in the IT department is not easy, seems to be that it is a men’s world and we are just a few percentage of women in IT, if ashore is difficult at sea is even more difficult as there is not many of us in this Industry. People do not believe there is a girl in IT, the way to overcome this stereotype is showing that I am a professional and I know how to perform my job, it feels good to show them what I am capable of and because of and this helps gain the respect from everybody.

My advice to women starting in the seafaring industry in IT is, to be professional at all times, learn always learn, because IT is always changing, you cannot stay behind in technology.

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