Against The Tide

Makhosi Mthiyane, South Africa.

September 19, 2020

I am a second Navigation officer my job is to do Passage planning for the ship, charts and Nautical publications corrections. GMDSS maintenance and testing making sure all bridge equipment are working and in good order, Ships daily noon reports and Medical officer onboard in charge of the hospital and sick people onboard.

My favourite thing about working with the guys is been hands on deck having arguments how we should do something, different opinions where by you are required to choose one.

one of the challenges I have experienced is when I was told I was not welcome to join the vessel because I am a female and there was a lot I don’t want to go into details about , I had to cry in my cabin for 2 days just to make myself aright at the same time fuming and boiling inside but also I did not want to cause drama because they will say females have drama. But all was sorted without causing drama.

Our male colleagues need to change their attitude at sea whereby they feel like they are doing females a favour, note it’s not a favour we deserve to be where we are nobody is doing us any favour.

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