Against The Tide

Jyothirmai Koka, India.

March 31, 2021

I love that my job gives me freedom and responsibility to make decision and be accountable to them. I feel that I am an asset to my work environment.

However I have faced many situations of gender bias. There were people telling me girls must be at home, take care of family etc. I also had one abuse case but yes at the same time I had an incredible support from my other colleagues who were men. This proved that not all men you meet down the line in this profession are narrow minded or would always try to pull you down… Sometimes you meet people who support and guide you.

When female seafarers say equality I would prefer all the society out there to understand that by equality we mean equal opportunities, equal responsibility, equal respect, equal freedom and most important equal right to speak and that does not mean we lady seafarers boast that we are physically equal and strong as most of the men. At the same time, we do not accept we are weak and not all men in this profession are physically strong. So I would like to ask everyone put there just don’t generalize. If this mindset changes out there I feel that would be the gateway to a new dawn for all female sailors.

She is currently a 3rd officer and writes a blog

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