Against The Tide

Joy Balogun, Nigeria

June 18, 2021

I feel elated when I am called upon to carry out a job. The enthusiasm of holding a spanner strengthens my body, not to talk about dismantling and mantling a machinery. I also enjoy detecting a problem and finding a solution to the problem.

One of my challenges is FEAR; the fear of working and being accepted in a male dominated area,fear of carrying out a job without mistakes, fear of being asked a question and giving the wrong answer.

As a female onboard at times my capabilities are mostly overlooked without being given attention. I mitigate this by showing more interest and working excessively hard. This has greatly improved my confidence level by proving how competent I am and my ability to think fast and offer solutions.

My advice to the newbies seafarers is that; do not harbor negative advice, apprehend and lay aside your fears. Be strong in any challenges you may find yourself in because they are there and they will always be there. You can do it if you set your mind to do it.

Joy Balogun ,Engine Cadet.

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