Against The Tide

Hilly Shamulele, Namibia

July 21, 2021

My responsibilities as a marine welder engineer are taking care of welder pipes , metal, repairing vessels and educating young generation girls to join the sector. I mostly teach other engineers to do the job well and network around the globe with other women and girls. The maritime and marine sectors teach us safety comes first in workplaces and communities and so does team work.

Some challenges I’ve faced in my career are women making decisions in the maritime and marine sectors as well as women in leadership positions. There has also been many cases of sexual harassment at workplaces.

I personally dealt with challenges by motivating women to be strong. Networking and participating in the activities in the industry such as women conferences and pushing for women empowerment to be part of the committee as well as decision making and leadership .

I’d like to see more women in leadership at maritime universities and making decisions. I’d also like to see university systems of maritime to accommodate women such as longer certification periods, because it’s a challenge when women get pregnant and after maternity leave female seafarers certificates expire already then they have to go to school to renew their certification. The system currently only accommodates male seafarers.

My advice to my fellow female seafarers: keep the ladder higher, get educated and strive for leadership positions . Be part of the decision makers in leadership and be part of the policy committee.

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