Against The Tide

Helayne Lopes, Brazil.

February 9, 2021

The most enjoyable thing about my job is the responsibility to lead a vessel and all teamwork during offshore operations. My day to day duties include carrying  out operations in dynamic positioning in the offshore area, I take care of the safety and salvage equipment on board, GMDSS communication, corrections of nautical and electronic charts, I elaborate documents for the activities on board, I carry out mooring, unberthing and anchoring manoeuvres, I hold meetings with the crew and training.

One of the challenges I have faced so far is gaining respect. AS a woman, many people observe it differently and imposing respect was a great challenge. We must always show that we are capable or that we know everything. We are always being tested. I overcame and I am overcoming still conquering each day of my work a space showing that I am able to perform each activity and have knowledge about a specific manoeuvre. Posture is key.

To the females looking to join the industry my advice is be strong, never give up on your dreams and goals. Keep studying and be humble, respect others and seek to be respected.

Helayne is currently a second officer.

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