Against The Tide

Gloria Audu, Nigeria.

September 22, 2020

I love the fact that I have had opportunities to visit a couple of places and due to my current responsibility for safety, my problem solving, critical and analytical thinking is heightened.I have also experienced various challenges in my career the two that have proved challenging was initially getting a company to hire me and the limited communication with family while onboard.

Being An Engineer requires physical activity and as a female, some certain jobs are not given to you to carry out for the fear of lack of physical strength, I experienced this at the beginning of my career. If you always accept the exclusion then nothing changes, always show the zeal to work and with the time you’ll prove your capabilities.

There should be a binding law for the inclusion of female seafarers in Companies and the Maritime Sector as a whole.There also needs to be more awareness to empower Women in Maritime. Policies to Curb out sexual discrimination and sexual harassment in order to create a safe working environment.To future female seafarers be intentional and willing to learn there will be challenges, but “a gem can’t be polished without friction”, it’s all part of the experience

Gloria is currently a 3rd Engineer

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