Against The Tide

Ellie Mae Travill, England – Deck Officer Cadet

March 2, 2022

I have been in this profession for the past 3 years and I am currently a deck officer cadet. My responsibilities include learning all the responsibilities of OOW and understanding how the ship operates. The responsibilities of an OOW which I am learning includes properly maintaining a watch and assisting with Navigation on the ships bridge. When not on the bridge, other responsibilities may include ensuring all correct safety measures are followed through onboard providing a safe working environment for everyone onboard.

What I love most about my job is travelling the world. I personally enjoy travelling because it gives me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and to explore new places. It is something I have always been passionate about and through my job, I can combine my favourite hobby with work. During the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to travel to Cyprus to join a ship there. I felt extremely lucky to be able to have done this during such circumstances therefore, this would be my favourite travel experience.

There have been some challenges with being a woman in this industry however, all my life I have tried to prove my gender will not define what I can and can not do. I’ve heard a few times, crew members tell me that I wouldn’t be able to do something because I won’t be strong enough or because it’s a males job. Each and every-time, I have done my best to prove that I am just as capable.

I’d love to see a world where Female seafarers didn’t have to prove that she belongs onboard.

My advice to other female seafarers is stay strong. It will prove challenging at times but you can do it.

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