Against The Tide

Elizabeth Dunford Manzi

April 6, 2020

I Come from Singida, Tanzania
Currently, I am a Cadet engineer, I have been in the profession for 5yrs including 4yrs in college

I was once in a two-month field training in a tug boat which had no cook. So I was told to cook just because am a female and I should know how to cook. This ruined my training to some extent because sometimes I had to be in the kitchen while my fellow engineers(men) were working in the engine room. I hate it when people assume roles based on gender. And I hate it when people think I can/can’t just because am a female.

I would like IMO to pay close attention to its member states and their maritime authorities concerning gender matters because aside from the efforts done by IMO, efforts to improve gender equality in maritime are still very low and disappointing in many countries.

A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.

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