Against The Tide

Ebru Kucu, Turkey.

July 17, 2020

I have always wanted to be a sailor since my childhood

I like the challenges behind the white uniform and I am in love with the sea and the ships. I have experienced various challenges in my career but I have faced them through courage and determination. My most recent challenge was not been able to get off the ship due to the current COVID-19 pandemic; it was a difficult time since I really missed my loved ones.

 “You are a woman, you can’t be a sailor.” These words encouraged me much more. They added fuel to the fire. I am the best example that there is no gender at sea. I am a woman sailor. Women’s contribution in the maritime industry is very high, even though there is a significant amount of gender discrimination but I believe success has no gender: we women are strong and we do not give up. To the ones coming behind us follow your dreams. Keep your love for the sea in your heart. Work hard, do your job with love. Support your friends and women everywhere on board

Ebru is currently a Deck Cadet on a chemical tanker ship

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