Against The Tide

Dayse Duarte, ​​ Brazil

November 5, 2021

I’m currently working in a tanker ship so my job responsibilities include watching the Bridge, keeping the position of the vessel across the navigation equipment.Taking care of all equipment of FFA and LSA onboard. Helping the Chief Officer in operations as loading and discharging of diesel oil, gasoline or S500. As well as, helping the Captain on the Bridge before maneuvering and on deck during the berth, unberthing and anchorage maneuver. In addition to that, preparing all documents for the equipment and filling all types of checklists that are necessary. I also help the Chief Officer in drills onboard.

What I love most about my job is the versatility of the work. There isn’t a routine.Everyday is a different challenge and this keeps me interested.

One challenge I have faced whilst working as a seafarer is moral harassment and bullying. I embarked with a commander from Latvia. He doesn’t accept women on board and here there are two, me as third officer and the chief officer from Romania. He spoke by screaming and always made comments like…”tank ship is not a woman’s place”…”woman can’t do this”…”where I come from there is no woman on board”. He always questions our work and doesn’t know how to deal with people. I’m learning about new things and he didn’t want the chief officer to help me but she said that would be there all the time to help me. As he didn’t have his opinion accepted by the others and he was ignored by everyone, he had to adapt to our way. He’s having to accept that we know what we’re doing and that we manage our work much better than most.

One thing I’d want female seafarers to know is that we are strong and capable to carry out this work with determination, willpower, focus and love. Barriers will exist but we must continue steadfastly seeking our best. We create our environment and we make a difference on board. We must be humble and ask for help when I need it. The homesickness is great but the return is even better. We are here to make a difference but to add too.

Dayse Duarte, ​​Brazil

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