Against The Tide

Claire Aitken, Scotland.

June 8, 2020

I am a 3rd Engineer, my day to day job entails maintaining safe conditions of machinery onboard, all power generation and propulsion available at all times. I enjoy ggetting to work with a variety of equipment; problem solving and I love the satisfaction of getting something fixed and seeing it back in operation.

One of the challenges I have faced has been finding an employer who is willing to support further education and assisting with continued training required to move up the ranks. I have also had people assume I’m incapable of carrying out certain tasks. But I deal with it by  rolling up my sleeves and show them that I can. However my advice on this is that you should know your limit and don’t be afraid to ask for help if and when you do need it.

In order to get more people into this career we need to educate children from a younger age and show young girls and boys that this is a fantastic career. Stay true to yourself.

For any female seafarer starting out don’t let anyone get into your head with negative comments, keep working hard. Enjoy it!

Claire is a 3rd Engineer with 6 Years experience

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