Against The Tide

Chelsea Perido, Philippines.

August 6, 2020

In the beginning of my career it was hard for me to do  work as well as my male counterparts but over time I learnt, and with good colleagues to help me and teach me I became who I am now and confident in my work. Being away from home and my family and friends is the hardest part about my job I miss them every day but they are very supportive in the career I chose, although doing this work for six years now doesn’t make me immune from missing home.

In our fleet I don’t see any gender discrimination anymore. I see that there are so many women now on the maritime industry and it is already well accepted and respected by men. For a change I would like to thank all the organizations who have supported and promoted women. Without them, I believe that acceptance of female in this industry will be unlikely.

To the women coming into this industry be humble: don’t try to be like men be you. If you can’t do a task ask for help. Know your strength and weaknesses, Study and always learn from your mistake and mistake of others.

Chelsea is currently a Third officer.

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