Against The Tide

Capt. Kate McCue , San Francisco, USA.

April 26, 2017

The basic truth in this industry is that, while it is a job based on solitude for the most part, no one can do it alone. If you try to alienate yourself, you will not succeed. When I look back at photos throughout my career, they are filled with both men and women who helped me get where I am.

While it may be lethargic to share ‘worst’ experiences from other women climbing the ranks, I personally feel that a focus on the negative only stalls progress.

Attitude is everything and if you can recall every bad thing that ever happened to you, you can confuse a drive for success, with the need for retribution rather than passion.

I see the responses from women just starting out in this industry. They need to be open-minded, forgiving, and most importantly positive if they are to succeed…”

If I am completely honest, I cannot recall a single incident of sexist behavior or a “worst experience being a woman in a male dominated field”. I came to the following conclusion: either 1) I have an amazing ability to forget bad experiences or 2) I have been fortunate to be surrounded by not only mentors, but people who had my back and ensured that I was not only protected, but I was unstoppable.

I began as an apprentice officer & moved up to 3rd mate, 2nd officer, 1st officer Deck, 1stOfficer Safety, 1st Officer Navigation, Chief Officer, Traveling Safety Officer, Staff Captain & Master.

Capt. Kate McCue-San Francisco USA, Captain Celebrity cruises.

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