Against The Tide

Beatrice Audu, Nigeria – Captain

July 26, 2021

My everyday responsibilities are steering the vessel to the required location as instructed by the captain, safe watch keeping, charts and publications on the second mate instructions and guidance and updating of LSA/FFA with the chief mate.

I enjoy the fact that my profession is an adventurous one, I get to visit different places and meet with different nationalities and cultures.

However, it is very challenging staying away from loved ones, friends and family for a long time.

Yes, I faced the challenge of gender stereotypes and bias. I overcame them by trusting and believing in myself more, building my self confidence and competency in the job, such that I’m able to prove that I’m competent and can actually do more than my male counterparts.

One thing I’d like to advocate for female seafarers is that they should be given any position onboard ships as long as they have the qualifications. It’s time to end gender stereotypes and bias because as women we are just as capable as our male counterparts. 

My advice to other female seafarers would be to be definite about their desires, and be persistent in chasing their dreams. There are no limitations to the mind except the ones we acknowledge. Therefore, they should have faith and believe that they can attain any height if only they set their minds to it.

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