Against The Tide

Athanasia Tsiakmaki, Greece

March 2, 2022

I have worked in the maritime industry for the last 8 years and my current job responsibilities include navigation, planning vessel’s voyage ,preparing voyage plans, updating electronic charts and books. Also assisting the Chief Officer with performing drills, training, ballasting and deballasting operations and paperworks. What I love most about my job is that there is no such thing as a routine here. Every day looks different and brings its own challenges and surprises. I love that my job never gets boring because every day looks different.

One challenge I have faced working as a female in the maritime industry is that people used to underestimate my capabilities. I feel like this is a struggle most women go through in this industry but I prove them wrong regardless of their initial thoughts about me. After all, women can do the same work as men do, we only need the opportunity.

I’d like to see more career opportunities in the industry for women seafarers, we are just as qualified and capable as the men around us and deserve a chance to fully use our knowledge and skill. My advice to any women coming into the industry or already in the industry is believe you can and you can. Believe you will and you will. See yourself achieving and you will achieve.

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