Against The Tide

Antigoni Constantinou, Cyprus

March 2, 2022

As a deck cadet I don’t have any specific responsibilities or tasks. My purpose is to learn as many things as I can about the ship’s operation. To be familiar with life saving appliances and fire fighting equipment , with all aids navigation equipment and also to be familiar with the deck department. The ship is like a human, she needs maintenance, sometimes on deck I was painting or washing etc. My routine is 4 hours on deck and 4 hours on the bridge. Deck work makes me a tough lady and bridge work makes me smart. Everyday is a new challenge and that is what I love at this job.

I knew that the maritime Industry can give you a lot of opportunities and also that I might be the only woman on board and that was an extra difficulty. However when I came on board until the last day the whole crew respected me and made me feel equal.

The most beautiful part of this job is that you can wake up and you can see every morning the sea, sunsets, sunrises and you can realize the miracle of earth.

My advice to all women seafarers is to believe in themselves and don’t allow anyone to doubt them. Every woman is able to be a seafarer as well as every man. Gender is not an obstacle at this job as well as any other. This is entirely wrong! If you really want it you can do it!

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