Against The Tide

Anja, Denmark.

May 1, 2017

My worst experience is when known people tell you that females should not go sailing at sea. But I think, that it is all about turning it around to something positive. I have always felt like I needed to be better, work harder. This has given me a very good background and knowledge of the job, good grades in school etc. This has made me confident in my jobtasks and responsibility onboard. The only thing to do, if one/or more crew members are having doubt in you, show them, teach them and learn from each other”

“I love my job. The variation on it, working with other nationalities, the challenges that appear and the travelling and chance to explore the World – even though it is only for a short time, when you are a deck officer onboard and most times only have 6 hours to use for shore-leave”

I started my education in summer 2011, I’m dual educated- junior watchkeeping engineer and master mariner. Now working as a third officer. I have had 1year of seatime as dual cadet and one year as 3rd officer.

(Anja -Denmark)

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