Against The Tide

AADITI, Delhi – Merchant Navy

March 2, 2022

I’m currently a student and I’m learning about my responsibilities that I have to take care of while on board sailing. and how to be a perfect Navigator and Officer.

The most fascinating thing about this career is that I can travel the whole world in just 4 or 5 sails! Uniform and discipline also bring me a lot of fun, it also gives me a sense of pride and excitement as well!! From my childhood I had this dream of travelling the whole world and trying all sorts of food be it street food or fine dining cuisine as well as the adventure and fun that comes with travel. I also get to learn a lot by travelling (I mean sometimes we don’t realise it but trust me we do learn a lot!)

As of now as a student I haven’t faced many challenges but in future I’m sure there might be times when I’ll be in such situations and for that I have to make myself mentally and physically strong enough to either fight or flight away from the situation.

I wish to see a future where all women are considered ONLY AS A SEAFARER and not by any special name like “female seafarer” or any other title.

I must say that it’s an amazing profession overall to be in, be it for men or women. To all the women thinking to make this job as their profession just be mentally strong and be prepared for every challenge.

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